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6 Summer Self Care Tips

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Summer time is often the most hectic time, but it doesn't have to be. Read more to find out ways to put yourself first this summer.

When you think about summer, what comes to mind? All the weddings, pool parties, and barbecues you have to attend? How about all the yard work that needs to be done and other home projects you’re hoping to squeeze in? Somehow summer tends to feel like the busiest time of the year, yet it is supposed to be a time to relax and have fun in the sun.

I am here to challenge you to take back part of your summer and put more priority toward self-care. You can’t be your best in all that you do if you don’t give yourself some rest and relaxation from time to time. I know that sometimes squeezing in or cutting out one thing in your schedule is just not possible. But take a long hard look and see what can be cut out so that some self-care activities can be fit in. Even if it is just once a week, that is better than nothing.

I'm here to challenge you to take back part of your summer and put more priority toward self-care.

Take a look at the tips below and see what you can fit into your lifestyle:

Try something new

Try something as simple as walking around a park you have never been to before or going horseback riding. Allow yourself to soak in your surroundings and utilize all your senses no matter what new experience you decide on.

Get outdoors

Go for a hike in nature or see an outdoor movie. Fresh summer air can be just what you need to rejuvenate. Make sure to avoid the hottest part of the day or wear sun protection and stay hydrated!

Work on your sleep hygiene

Develop a bedtime and wake time routine that fits with your schedule and stick to it! Let the early summer sunrise welcome you out of bed by leaving your bedroom shades open. You might be surprised how pleasant this wake-up is!

Enjoy some live music

Catch some free live music at the restaurant down the street, or splurge on some tickets for your favorite band. Allow yourself to feel the rhythm and dance like nobody’s watching!

Clear your schedule for a day

Allow your mind to guide you toward activities you love that you never have time to do. Or allow yourself to have a day that you don’t leave the house, or even the couch for that matter. If you find yourself having feelings of guilt, acknowledge them, and then let them go. This is your day!

Detach yourself from your phone

This might be the hardest tip of them all, as most of us rely on our phones for so many reasons. If you can’t completely detach from your phone, challenge yourself to only pick up your phone purposefully, rather than habitually to scroll through social media or play games.

I hope you can challenge yourself to utilize some of these tips to take care of yourself this summer. Let me know in the comments what you tried, or what other self-care tips you like to use!

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