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Kelsey Vincent Psychotherapy

Therapy for Couples & Individuals



Are you looking for a therapist to help you and your partner work through difficulties in your relationship?  Or do you have some personal struggles that you have been unable to resolve on your own?  Whether your troubles play out in your relationships or manifest in other areas, I am glad you are here.  Kelsey Vincent Psychotherapy will provide you the opportunity to work through struggles, rework unsatisfying patterns, improve communication, and promote your overall personal and relational wellbeing.
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 > Feel more connected

 > Improve communication

 > Rebuild trust

 > Understand each other better

 > Resolve topics of consistent conflict

 > Deepen intimacy

 > Create new ways of interacting

 > Reduce anxiety & depression

 > Create lasting change





is to

Set People Free

- Rollo May

 > Improve self-esteem

 > Understand challenging behaviors

 > Rework undesired behaviors

 > Promote satisfying ways of connecting

 > Resolve areas of internal conflict

 > Increase autonomy

 > Create more satisfying ways of being

 > Reduce anxiety & depression

 > Create lasting change



Office Address

Cherry Creek
50 South Steele Street, Suite 950,
Denver, CO  80209 

Services and Rates

Individual Therapy:  $185 per 50 minute session
Couple Therapy:  $185 per 50 minute session
Extended Session:  $245 per 80 minute session
Initial Consultation (phone or in person):  Free
Insurance not accepted


Monday:  10 am - 7 pm
Tuesday:  10 am - 7 pm
Wednesday:  10 am - 7 pm
Thursday:  10 am - 7 pm
Friday:  10 am - 5 pm
Saturday:  Closed
Sunday:  Closed
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